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10 Things Your Local Bike Shop Would Like You to Know

"10 Things Your Local Bike Shop Would Like You to Know"

by the Staff of Family Bike Shop- Crofton MD
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1). We know you're not Lance Armstrong. Nobody expects you to be a world-class bicycle racer. We are your local bike shop and enjoy helping the community get out on bikes and have fun riding- no matter what your speed, budget, or cycling goal may entail.

2). The tubes inside your tires lose air. You need to pump up your tires before every ride, or at least check your air pressure using a gauge. Proper PSI is imprinted on the sidewall of your tire.

3). Everyone gets flats, even us! The tires/tubes we sold you aren't “bad” (see above comment).

 4). Your questions are not bothering us. We enjoy talking about bikes and teaching you what's new and how bike things work.
But, please do not learn from us and then buy from the internet. We are here to serve our community, but to remain here you need to support us, too.

Recognize these friendly faces?!

 5). When it comes to seats/saddles, bigger/wider isn't always better. Soft and cushy does not mean more comfort on the saddle, and can actually cause chafing and saddle sores. A saddle should fit your riding style as well as your anatomy.

6). If you purchased your bicycle somewhere else (even Walmart), that's OK. We would be happy to repair it for you. Our repair shop keeps us in business, so don't be shy.

7). We would love to take your money, but when we give you a free estimate on a repair and tell you that the bike is not worth the investment, we are being honest. Then we'll be happy to show you a new, good-quality bicycle that we will tune-up for you, for lifetime, for free (see above comment).

8). You really CAN ride your bike all year long.
March thru September isn't the only cycling season.
Just put on more clothes.
We have what you need.

9). There is such a thing as too much chain lube; and chains and other metal parts wear out.

10). This is my “real job”. We do this because we love it. We aren't here because we're waiting for something better to come along. We are professionals. We hope that you'll find something you enjoy and have a passion for, as we do.
That being said, we are not above accepting tips, and beer will not be turned away...
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